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Haldin Combines State Of The Art
Processing With The Highest Quality Raw
Materials To Produce Pure Tea & Coffee
Concentrated Liquid And Spray Dried
Products. In Order To Fulfill The Needs Of
Our Customers, Haldin Produces Several
Distinct Lines Of Liquid Products; Essence;
Natural Concentrates; Extracts, And
Spray Dried Extracts.


Made to perfection using the best raw materials, the right process, and the best technology, Haldin’s Tea Extracts provides the essential top note and most in­tense tea flavor, resembling that to a freshly brewed tea. From green tea to black tea, from liquid extracts to spray dried extracts, our products are natural, yet consistent in quality, and naturally safe. Available in form of Essence, Concentrate, Extract, and Spray Dried.


The tea essence, which provides the essential top note and most intense natural flavor of tea, is made to meet market needs for a strong aroma, which enriches, improves, and differentiates customers products. The tea essence provides the top note characteristics for many industries including; liquid RTD products, bev­erage dispensing products, food flavoring, and even for fragrances.


Haldin’s natural tea concentrate and extract contain both the top note essence of the natural product and the body notes of the tea itself; some of which could be bitterness, sweetness, or acidity. Essentially, these natural concentrates provide the entire flavor profile of tea.


Tea Spray dried extract offers a number of advantages to the user. It is easy and cost effective to transport, and inherently stable which means it can be stored with no loss of quality or efficacy. It can also be used in dry mixes.

Haldin spray dries its tea extracts to produce tea powder extracts for use mainly in tea beverage related products. From single to flavored tea drinks, Haldin is ca­pable of fulfilling demand for many types of tea ingredient products.


Produced from Indonesian origin Coffee Robusta & Arabica beans, Haldin’s Coffee Extract is made for one soul purpose; resembling the sensory characteris­tics of a freshly brewed coffee. Our technology allows the process to capture the entire aroma profile of roasted coffee beans, whilst extracting the body to its opti­mal yield, making it a distinctive coffee extract compared to others. Available in Coffee Essence, Coffee Concentrate, and Coffee Extract.


Coffee Essence offers a distinctive coffee aroma, used extensively to enhance the coffee related products distinctive aromas and tastes. It is natural, simple, and cost effective for the use in coffee beverage formulations which requires a more “real” coffee characteristics in the end product.


Haldin’s natural coffee concentrate and extract contain both the top note essence of the natural product and the body notes of the coffee, these natural concen­trates provide the entire flavor profile of coffee. These products are mainly used as building blocks ingredients for coffee ready to drinks, candies, and bakery fillings & toppings. Additionally, Coffee Concentrates & Extracts serves as the main component for bag-in-box coffee dispensing machine, where it offers a more rich taste compared to conventional powder instant coffee.