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Haldin Combines State Of The Art
Processing With The Highest Quality
Raw Materials To Produce Liquid &
Spray Dried Products.


Spray dried extracts offer a number of advantages to the user. They are easy, cost effective to transport, and inherently stable which means they can be stored with no loss of quality or efficacy. They can also be used in dry mixes.

Extracting goodness and key characteristics from natural plant concentrated liquids and transforming them into dried extracts demands a combination of exper­tise, experience, and technology.

Haldin spray dries its natural extracts to produce powder extracts for use in foods, beverages, health foods, and pharmaceuticals applications. With its exist­ing range of product variants, Haldin is capable of fulfilling demand for many types of product. Key spray dried products include sour lime, guarana, and ginger powder extract.

For pharmaceutical use, Haldin serves the market with products such as; red ginger, eurycoma longifolia, and guava leaf extracts, which are being standard­ized for its active constituents, making it reliable and dependable for promoting specific health benefits. Other added value features include; product textures, particle size, and water-soluble based products, which can be easily blended with other ingredients.

Other Haldin powder extracts such as roselle, pandan, tamarind, and ginger, rep­resent the exotic and the uniqueness of products characteristic to Indonesia; suit­able for those in the flavoring and F&B industries.