About Us

Although Haldin calls Indonesia home, the company started life in the United States more than two decades ago. Originally established as an importer of Indonesian Vanilla to customers in North America, Haldin expanded its offering to meet their increasingly diverse demands. At the same time, Haldin developed its expertise in sourcing the best quality raw materials and turning those natural materials into the essential building blocks around which customers built their products.


Today, Haldin serves the needs of the food and beverage, flavor and fragrance, health food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries with locally sourced and processed products supplied in eight key product groups: Tea and Coffee; Functional Ingredient; Cosmetic and Care Ingredient; Essential Oil; Vanilla and Cocoa; Natural Sweetener; Seasoning Ingredient; and Fruit & Vegetable.

Haldin operates five manufacturing sites in Indonesia. Three manufacturing in liquid and powder extraction, one in coconut and the last one is for our material preparation.

The largest and newest of the facilities in Indonesia uses state of the art continuous extraction to produce top note Essence, Liquid Extract, and high quality agglomeration spray dried products with an annual capacity of more than 20,000 tons. Close to the source of its natural products, Haldin also strives to be close to its customers. Through its international network of distributors and agents. Haldin's customers are in more than 53 countries across five continents.

Our Vision :

To be respectable leader in each product group, in Indonesia and globally, in providing quality natural ingredients.

Our Mission :

To provide ingredients and solutions to leading brands, both in Indonesia and globally.


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